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Sophie paints to go places inside herself that can't be reached any other way.  The canvas is her playground,

A free zone that takes her on an intimate inward journey.

The process she follows is iterative and synergic.

She has no specific image or result in mind.

As she paints she is responding to a variety of feelings, moods, and thoughts

coming from within. 

She is inspired by a deep sense of gratitude and serenity

and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.



artist's statement

I believe the art experience is at its best when soaked into the mystery of how it came into being 

and when it is stripped of any superfluous analysis.

I'm choosing not to place a rational explanation between my paintings and the viewer. 

I don't have one.

 I enjoy painting as a form of self-expression precisely because it is devoid of the need for words.

When I look at art or listen to music,

I like it to be an experience free of anyone else's need to dissect it with their personal paradigms. 

I want to extend the same consideration to others.

Therefore, I do not explain or comment on my art.

Feel free to experience your own feelings

and come up with your own narratives.

"Whoso is content with pure experience and acts upon it has enough of truth"

                                                              - Goethe




for commissions or viewing requests

Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, Minneapolis, MN

Tel: 612. 401. 2499

Thanks! Message sent.

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